Premiere// Polarcode – Crossfire (ft Will Champlin)

Polarcode team up with The Voice finalist for a powerful, expressive alt-pop hit.

Part of the challenge for any outfit is finding a perfect balance between masterful instrumental skill and vocal prowess. The difficulty of this task leads many artists to fail before they even begin.

That is, unless you’re Polarcode, which has made a name for itself as an act that ensures quality vocalwork by composing on a singer-for-the-song basis. The end result of this selective singer screening is tracks like Crossfire, the duo’s latest offering with the emotive voice of Will Champlin, finalist of series five of NBC’s The Voice.

Combining the duo’s penchant for crafting infectious pop melodies underpinned by atmospheric beats with Champlin’s deep, expressive vocals, the track oozes effortless pop appeal and is brimming with an untapped and unspoken energy. It’s a track that is only ever moments from exploding in a rush of emotional intensity.

And it manages this self-restraint perfectly. The instrumentation, which regularly flirts with the idea of collapsing into a glorious maelstrom of electronic sounds and synth flourishes, maintains its composure and steadiness through a playfully glitchy aesthetic. The rhythms are frequently chopped for maximum effect, turning an otherwise smooth pop gem into one that oozes confidence and swagger.

Polarcode has done it again, and in spectacular fashion.

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