Listen// A song of the times

New single from Tooth & Nail reflects the state of modern anger.

The modern world is crazy and, even more crazily, the people whom many would deem crazy will read that sentence and still agree, as they believe those who brand them crazy are themselves crazy.

In reality, the world is even more confusing than that sentence. Whether it’s anger or division, there’s a lot of tension in the modern world and, seemingly, that is what has fed Tooth & Nail recently. New single Troubled Times is a grunge-soul teardown and analysis of society and politics in the 21st century.

As it chugs along on fuzzy guitar lines and bluesy rhythms, it’s easy to see how such a heated track could have descended into a relentless and merciless assault on society. In testament to the band’s abilities and tactfulness, this is avoided. While the lyrics certainly swipe at many things with a fiery dissatisfaction, there is no overt malice. In fact, the track slowly morphs into an engaging singalong for the fed up choir of the apocalypse.

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