Premiere// Thomas Lundell – Your Loss

Swedish folk-pop troubadour drops hypnotic hit.

Folk-pop isn’t necessarily the genre that you most associate with hypnotically memorable rhythms and melodies. That is exactly what makes Thomas Lundell‘s new single, Your Loss, so remarkable.

Driven by a relentless rhythmic push and mesmerising melodies, the track houses the kind of acoustic-led energy that is impossibly rare to find in many folk artists. In fact, the closest thing to this kind of power in recent years is probably Avicii’s Hey Brother. It’s just worth noting that this track is a lot more fun and lighthearted.

For as big an impact as Lundell has made with previous releases, he has really outdone himself with this. By appropriating the right mix of musical staples from both folk and pop — namely the widespread appeal and glossy feel of pop and folk’s call-and-response structures — Lundell has delivered what is undoubtedly 2017’s summer anthem.

Support the artist! Buy the track here.

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