Review// Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe EP

Popstar’s debut ep gives good vibes for the future.

Sigrid has easily been one of 2017’s most mesmerising success stories. Since dropping her debut single Don’t Kill My Vibe earlier this year, the Norwegian artist has been one of the year’s most hyped acts. With the release of her debut EP, titled after her biggest hit, Sigrid is showing no signs of losing momentum.

Over the course of four songs, Sigrid wastes no time in showing exactly what her sound is. Each track is packed with a solid melody, a big chorus and brooding pop instrumentation that allows the voice to take centrestage. These characteristics aside, Sigrid does a good job at keeping each song distinct and allowing herself to demonstrate the various pop styles she has under her belt.

With the titular opening track Don’t Kill My Vibe, Sigrid goes straight in with the anthem. Understated instrumentation bubbles in the background of the verses and Sigrid’s subdued vocal sets the scene, before the chorus bursts forth and delivers a memorable Sia-esque hook that is feelgood, strong and infectious. By the time the track finishes, the EP already feels like a successful debut – regardless of what the other tracks turn out like.

Fortunately, Sigrid doesn’t rest on her laurels and follows up with another anthem in the form of the defiant Plot Twist. It’s a strong track, but one that ultimately follows too closely in the immediate footsteps of Don’t Kill My Vibe to maximise its own effectiveness. It will undoubtedly be a hit and fan-favourite when dropped as a single, but it is not complimented by its position on the EP. However, it does set up the melancholic Fake Friends perfectly, allowing the track’s electro-driven chorus drop to stand out as one of the release’s more interesting moments.

As lighters-in-the-air ballad Dynamite draws the EP to an end, Sigrid has essentially secured her position as the most attention-deserving newcomer of the year. There are few artists that can produce a debut release with as many strong singalongs on, and fewer still that can do so without it feeling contrived or forced. Sigrid has the potential to be the next big popstar and, with a full-length debut album expected later this year, her time may come before the end of 2017.

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