Listen// Not quite one in a million

New single from portable sunset leaves you wanting more.

Electronic artist Portable Sunset shares new single Millionth

When an artist describes its record as being a culmination of warehouse techno vibes and calm tracks for lounging around the home, you can’t help but feel just a little bit inspired to listen and see how the fusion plays out.¬†Portable Sunset has done just this in the run up to new album Order, which sets high expectations for latest single Millionth.

However, it’s debatable how well these expectations are met. Although the track finds itself engulfed with an ambient undertone, it is definitely dominated by drum and bass tones. Conceptually, this juxtaposition of sounds seems interesting and innovative, however in reality it finds itself an unexpected victim to itself. At six minutes long, it’s definitely taking a leaf from the book of house, but this might not translate too well into Portable Sunset’s genre-fusing style.

Indeed, two to three minutes in and the excitement is waning. The six minutes drag on, causing the track – which would have been full of life had it been shorter – to become almost droning. By the end of the track, you can’t shake the feeling that something is missing.

Despite its length, it doesn’t seem to develop hythmically or stylistically. Perhaps building to a climax would liven up the tone, or perhaps a textual layer of vocals would add a sense of intrigue. With that said, this divisive feeling may be testament to the genre experimentation of the band – after all, setting out to achieve something new should always invoke some sense of uncertainty from some.

Whether Millionth draws you to the edge of your seat or not, chances are you’ll find your curiousity picqued in what Portable Sunset has to offer with Order. If he takes a similarly unpredictable approach on the rest of the tracklist, it will be interesting to see whether this fusion goes in another direction and delivers on expectations.

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