Listen// Explosive EDM from Syn Cole

Syn Cole teams up with Nevve for explosive new track Sway.

Syn Cole and Nevve collab on new EDM single Sway

Nothing is as effective a testament to an artist’s ability than being praised and endorsed by some of music’s biggest names. So when you consider that Avicii, Kygo and The Chainsmokers have praised Syn Cole‘s talent over the last couple of years, it’s probably safe to say that he’s got something going for him.

That talent couldn’t be more apparent than on Sway, a dreamy EDM ballad that swells into atmospheric, electronic goodness as Nevve delivers ultra-smooth vocals to match. It’s not your standard all-out energy rush type of EDM. Sway takes its time to build up to the bass drop climax, with almost a minute and a half of scene-setting atmospheric balladry setting up this track as more than just a mindless blitz of enjoyment.

This slow burn approach also gives Nevve chance to display her own abilities. Like Syn Cole, Nevve has been garnering a considerable amount of praise recently and has built a solid repertoire through working with artists like Elephante and Kill Paris. Basically, this track is the beautiful and exciting union of two artists in peak form – and it’s as good as you’d expect.

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