Premiere// Pulzanti drop bass and spills wine

Producer’s new single is a post-pop track set to trap beats.

Premiere: Post-pop producer Pulzanti drops new single Spilt Wine

Welcome to the age of post-pop. Everybody seems to be more than a little bit bored of the whole “manufactured pop sound” genre and is trying to find something else. As Lorde proved in 2013, offering a brooding sense of apocalyptic reservedness seems to present quite a strong future for pop. And, as Pulzanti has just demonstrated with his brand new single Spilt Wine, the apocalypse is even more welcome in 2017.

Everything about Spilt Wine oozes an attitude of wanting to be a pop song that has unpopped. The instrumentation is melodic but verges on being discordant, while the vocal is a distorted slant on a soulful voice. It’s all very good and it remains very effective, but it’s a significant step away from what you might typically consider to be ‘pop’.

That is until the beat really kicks in. After the vocal segment ends (roughly one minute in), we are presented with a massive bass drop and a trap-inspired beat that stands at brilliant odds with the chill-esque feel of the previous section. Vocal samples create a choir-like backdrop as the beat relentlessly plays out in the foreground, before dissolving into what essentially feels like a rock guitar solo played out on synths.

Everything about this track is different in all the right ways. Genre bending is becoming increasingly popular and, in artists like Pulzanti, we can easily hear why.

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