Listen// A solid second offering

Malika’s second single is a powerful soulpop track with a funked up rhythm.

After igniting the interests of critics with her debut single last year, soul-pop singer Malika has finally returned to the music scene with latest single Run. It’s unusual for any well-received artist to drop a second single that makes a bigger impact than the first, but the challenge increases when there’s a long wait between the two. Luckily, the time in between has been kind to Malika and this single is killer.

Produced by Bodhi, Run explores a darker side to Malika than we experienced previously. The track is made up of deep synths and heavy drums to create a distinctive and enticing sound, while the silky smooth and powerful vocals drip emotion onto every beat. It’s soul in the purest sense, but with a pop-centric refrain that uses backing vocals (also delivered by Malika, as no other vocalist could do a supporting role justice) to turn a brooding track into a spectacular slice of midnight soul.

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