Listen: A song for weekend pre-drinks

A perfect electronic soundtrack and anthem for getting weekend wasted.


I won’t bore you with words or explanations: Weekends is great. It’s arguably the strongest electronic single of 2017, which is quite an accomplishment for an act that is only on the threshold of emerging from its native Sweden. Yet if there is anything that will hinder Weekends from being recognised as the pinnacle of glitchy electronic greatness, it will likely be the outfit’s choice of name. The band goes by the name IIIII, which it subsequently has to explain is LINES. Personally, I think it’s a great and playful title. Though it only really works when written. In any other scenario, it gets problematic when fans hear this single and declare their unwavering adoration of hot new electronic band “eye-eye-eye-eye-eye”.

Name aside, Weekends is the perfect single to announce the band to the world. The track embodies the spirit of the cider-soaked, vodka-scented, neon-illuminated Friday/Saturday night club scene that everybody gets enveloped in. It’s a song with a lot going for it musically — it’s got a great use of glitched synthesisers and a fascinating female vocal hook — but a very simplistic approach to lyrics, because it needn’t put more in. The track is crafted with one simple purpose: to encapsulate the feeling of a night out. And it perfectly succeeds.

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