Listen: Daye Jack gets chill on jeans

Fresh take on old song throws some intense bars into chill tones.


Daye Jack has been making waves for a little while now, which came to a head in 2016 with the release of the Surf The Web mini-album. In the wake of full-length album No Data, Jack decided to rewash the jeans of old favourite Supernatural. But rather than just offer up a remastered version a year later, rapper Donmonique has been enlisted to remix the piece.

Where the original was a well-crafted hip hop gem of chilled out, elevator-esque electronic sounds and a mix of enticing melodies and modulated bass-filled vocals courtesy of Jack, the new version drops in some intense bars from Donmonique. It’s an unusual inclusion, especially against the backdrop of chilled instrumentation, but Don’s voice handles it well. The track keeps something of a mellow vibe but the overarching feel of the track changes entirely, which makes for a revisited song that still feels refreshingly new.

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