Listen// Ginger Snaps over capitalism

New 90s throwback single rallies against nine-to-five jobs and corporate style.

You can’t beat a good 90s throwback, but things get a little bit sketchy when you drop in the words “establisment dissatisfaction”. Those words tend all too often to go to one extreme or the other: either overtly preachy, or such a light touch it feels redundant.

So Ginger Snaps is not only extremely brave to tackle this style, but extremely talented for doing so well with it. New single Number Crunching perfectly channels dissatisfaction with office jobs and corporate hairstyles without being preachy, instead opting for the quiet grumbling and lethargic loathing approach. He reinforces this with the constant jangle of a tambourine, a slick overdriven guitar and a scratchy drumbeat, conjuring a mid-nineties vibe.

You’d certainly be forgiven for thinking this was a lost cut from Beck’s Mellow Gold album or that Harvey Danger had penned it, which is a testament to Ginger Snaps’ perfect encapsulation of that 90s anti-establishment lethargy.

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