Listen: The haunting sound of sadness

Craig Taylor-Broad channels unfathomable sadness in new single.


There is something irresistible about the sound of sorrow and, likewise, there is something irresistible about Craig Taylor-Broad. The artist, who is known for creating ambient folk soundscapes, has stepped up his own self-confessed miserablism with latest single A Bear Inside Your Belly, tackling the seldom-touched topic of miscarriage.

If ever there were a sound best suited to tackling such a sensitive subject, it is the lo-fi approach that Taylor-Broad takes. The track itself isn’t of flashy quality, instead possessing a rough-and-ready charm that makes everything much more personal and, as such, significantly more emotional. Backed by an echoey guitar alone, the reverberated and semi-operatic vocals of Taylor-Broad say more about the feeling of heartache and anguish than the lyrics themselves ever could.

You could easily go through this song not understanding a word but feeling every syllable in the cell of your heart. It’s a track of intense sadness with an underlying sense of hopeful optimism. Never before has such a restricted range of instrumentation produced something so harrowing and beautiful.

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