Listen: Hard-hitting EDM from IZII

IZII partners with The Powder Room to drop an EDM bombshell.


IZII is something special indeed. Recently, the artist dropped a killer remix of Breathe Carolina‘s Echo (Let Go) and he has now followed it up with an EDM bombshell in the form of Birds. Just to add an extra seal of approval to the track, it’s a collab with The Powder Room – the side project of the just-a-little-bit-well-known Natalia Kills.

It only takes half a listen to realise why Natalia wanted in on the track (other than the fact she needs to associate herself with something good after that incident on The Voice). Even during the 15 second build at the beginning of the song, it is obvious that Birds is an intense offering. Each instrument plays out its melody frantically, while synths swell like warning sirens (fittingly) in the run up to the vocal entering.

Each rise and fall is perfectly executed, with the bass drum climax being the perfect release after verses that breathe excitement and musical tension. IZII is onto something good and nothing, even the peril of association, seems to be able to stop him.

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