An addictive Two Friends remix

TRU Concept x Two Friends is a match made in heaven.


Overdose, one of the more recent singles from Two Friends and Exit Friendzone, is one of those tracks that strikes an unsteady balance. On one hand, it’s got one hell of a powerful build and drop. Yet on the other, the drop feels a little bit too far removed from the build. Overall it’s highly enjoyable and Natalola offers up some stunning vocals, but it’s a bit of a stylistic leap that some might far jarring.

So it’s good, then, that TRU Concept has remixed the track into a house style that serves one perfect purpose: to make the track uniform and coherent. There’s a pulse of house energy from the very beginning of the track and it simply becomes more prominent as the song goes on, bridging the jump between the drop and the rest of the track.

Of course, as a byproduct of this, the post-chorus doesn’t have the same kind of impact that the original had – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What TRU Concept manage to do wonderfully well is to translate an EDM beast into a hypnotic house soundscape that sprawls across three and a half brilliant minutes.

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