Trap fire to remember

Dakk spits fire onto new MEMBA and GIIA track.


MEMBA and GIIA seem to have a pretty solid working relationship. They recently dropped a single together and, now, they’ve done it again. This time, new singleĀ Brave features the quickfire bars and rhythmic raps of Dakk to spice things up.

Brave is a welcome addition to MEMBA’s collaborative repertoire. The previous single was very slow and measured, focussing more on the delivery of harmonies with perfect pacing to create a pop-pleasing electronic song. Brave throws that out the window, and this is almost entirely due to Dakk’s influence on the track. GIIA’s vocal is certainly better suited to slow swells of melody, so it’s a captivating juxtaposition to place her alongside Dakk, whose key skill is his fast-paced and intense deliveries over the killer trap beat.

It also seems that MEMBA wasn’t sure how to play this out at first. Up until the first verse, the music is subdued and more in line with the mid-tempo release that the last single offered. It’s a mixed result when placed underneath rap, but this amends itself by the second time Dakk jumps into the mix. It’s a song that takes its time to warm up, but when it does it lights up with burning intensity and fire hooks.

You can download the track for free at the Elysium Records soundcloud.

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