The ultimate club track

New deep house offering from Alex Moronatti is the perfect club track for 2017.


For as good as they may be, it’s very rare for new house artists to really nail a flawless club-ready track. While the offerings might be suitable, they’re not usually the perfect fit. It’s a skill that seems to come with time and often when they’ve already began to make a name for themselves.

However, sometimes an artist just gets it. Alex Moronatti is one of those artists, as his latest deep house offering Can’t Breathe will attest. Combining perfectly tuned electronics with urgent rhythms, the track follows the standard formula of success for deep house. But what it does well, that many others don’t initially grasp, is structure. The song opens on a strong pulsating rhythm but drops down to complete silence ahead of the vocal repetitions beginning, giving it the opportunity to build back up and introduce the main hook with an explosion of musical release. The end result is a track that is as close to aural hypnotism as music can be.

You can download the track for free from Alex Moronatti’s soundcloud.

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