The best things to come out of 2016

The top ten tracks that illuminated an otherwise dark year.


2016 was absolute shit. From the deaths of many a legendary cultural icon to Brexit, Trump and everything in the far east, 2016 is a year that many would like to forget. Sadly, this is easier said than done as it appears to have left irreparable scars on the flesh of pop culture.

Fortunately, something good did emerge from the darkness that was the past twelve months. New music, regardless of locale or genre, has prospered greatly and reached new levels of creative majesty throughout 2016. Below is a playlist of ten of the greatest tracks that helped to make life tolerably bearable in the past year.

In a year when we’re ‘treated’ to an extra leap second, in which time it is highly likely another famous star with abruptly extinguish, these songs are more than a pastime — they’re a lifeline.

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