Conflict in love

New video from XYLØ is an intense insight into a fraught relationship.


Relationships aren’t easy. If they were, then roughly 80% of songs would never have been composed in the first place. This includes Get Closer, the stand-offish new track from XYLØ.

The track itself is an unusual entry into the pages of tumultuous relationship-inspired art. Whereas most songs borne of that feeling place the speaker into the position of a vulnerable victim who is struggling to cope with the challenge, XYLØ sets the speaker in a position of confidence and power. It’s a refreshing angle for a recurring musical theme, showcasing that this track is capable of offering something a little bit different besides the intense, club-pandering instrumentation.

Even the video captures this position of power, showing XYLØ vocalist Paige Duddy rebuffing her partner for cold distances and colder actions. Through the neon lights and sultry shots, the sentiment of the video is made clear: those who are neglected in relationships are not in positions of weakness. Paige consistently walks with confidence and is direct in her behaviour, choosing to challenge rather than facilitate. It’s an empowering statement for viewers, delivered in an aesthetically and aurally pleasing packaging.

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