Jennie Vee evolves

New single from Jennie Vee is a step in a new, equally melancholy, direction.


Jennie Vee is a fascinating musician. We’ve followed her for the past couple of years and her interest and borderline obsession with depression, sadness and the overwhelming misery and suffering of existence is pretty intense. However, there has been a frequent question of how genuine any of Vee’s expressed depression truly is — after all, her single Die Alone did directly nab lyrics from well-known miserablists The Cure.

Those questions can fade away now with the release of Hospital Bed, Vee’s latest single and one of her most convincing offerings of darkness. With a sound that is not directly borrowed from anywhere but her own inspiration, Vee channels the feeling of personal pain into lyrics that draw on every conceivable aspect of having a family member stuck in a hospital bed. Pacing is thrown out the window as Vee speeds through thought process after thought process, addressing both the literal situation and possible outcomes in the space of a few lines before then touching on an internal sense of guilt. It’s a very busy lyrical mess, but one that beautifully captures the reality of sitting beside a hospital bed as somebody slowly fades out.

There is no need to question the legitimacy of Jennie Vee — this track speaks volumes.

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