Golden Coast move for the charts

Golden Coast drops a highly energetic single that is destined for greatness.


Golden Coast is an outfit that you will be hearing a lot from in 2017. In the dying throes of 2016, most bands opt for more sombre tracks with melancholy moods and slow tempos that reflect the season. Yet that’s not how Golden Coast has decided to end the year, closing it with a big bang in the form of energetic indie-pop single Make Ya Move.

Combining a bouncy bass line with an erratic drum beat and synths that conjure images of sunnier climes, this single seems to mostly neglect the traditions of songwriting. Typically, a radio-ready pop song will adhere to a set structure or formula. Make Ya Move rejects that and plays out like an endless flow of fun musical energy, feeling like it has been released about eight months too late to be the hit of the summer that it could have been. With that said, Golden Coast seems to be on a mission to remind everyone that good music is timeless. While a series of energetic hooks and vocals that seamlessly blend raspiness and pop-falsetto might not immediately be the most obvious choice for winter listening, nothing will heat you up quite like this.

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