Artistry with an instagram filter

New video from Daniel Romano marries country-psychedelia, poetry, artistry and instagram filters.


If an image can be used to capture a moment in time and encapsulate it for future reference, then the world will remember the early 21st century as the period when life became enveloped in sepia tones and pastel hues. Thanks to Instagram, those colour schemes and filters are what we tend to expect imagery to look like – which even flows over to videography, as proven by Daniel Romano‘s latest music video I Had To Hide Your Poem (In A Song).

While Instagram filters tend to be the trademark of faux artistry, Romano portrays himself as a genuine artist. The sizzling guitar tones are tasteful, the rhythms and deliveries have a jazz-esque quality, and the structure is flawless. However, what makes the single truly exceptional is the lyrical prowess of Romano. Living up to the track’s title, every sentence uttered is spoken poetically and constructed to give the impression of poetic genius. The poetry of music has been lacking in recent times, and Romano is ensuring that it has at least one advocate in the modern day mishmash of sound.

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