Glamourising one night stands

New single from Pretty Sister is a funked up dance-pop ode to sexting and thirst.


Everybody goes through dry spells and sexual dehydration can lead people to some pretty extreme lengths. It’s not uncommon for people to feel thirsty, but it is uncommon for the outcome of that thirst to sound anywhere near as good as Pretty Sister‘s recent single, Thirsty.

Combining the outfit’s trademark funky pop sounds with dance synths, poppy vocal hooks and a joyfully varied vocal, Thirsty manages to turn a dubious subject into something infectiously enjoyable. There will, undoubtedly, be detractors who focus purely on the sexploitation-esque element of the track’s lyrics, but Pretty Sister manage to keep the tone fairly light and completely in line with modern attitudes to sex.

When you get beyond the possible moral guilt of enjoying it, Thirsty is one of the best uses of funk in pop of recent times and one that will definitely garner a lot of attention for the outfit.

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