Anything but burnt out

New single from Tom Aspaul is anything but generic electronic.


With a song title like Burnt Out, there are a couple of immediate thought processes that any critical (or cynical) mind will immediately go through. These are that this song is either a slow-burning, melancholy track for sombre moments, or alternatively that it is a generic electronic track with a bitterly ironic title. Fortunately, Tom Aspaul‘s latest single is neither of these things – it’s so much more.

Taking upbeat hook after upbeat hook and layering them together with an infectious rhythm and deep bass notes, Burnt Out is a sugary spin on the typical electronic soundscape. With that said, it’s not an unbearable level of sugary pop sounds – while repeated listener might grate on the more serious listener, overall the track toes the line between uplifting and annoying. It’s a careful balance, but it pays off and the end result is the perfect precursor to his upcoming Left EP.

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