The sound of a slowly breaking heart

New single from RITUAL is a slow-burning, emotive slice of R&B sadness.


Are you suffering from a broken heart? If yes, then RITUAL have dropped a single that will speak to you on deep spiritual and emotional levels.

Bottle Tops is an R&B ballad that flows with sorrow and hurt, spanning four and a half of the most emotionally engaging and genuine minutes you could experience. It is also arguably the most heartwrenchingly honest lyrical depiction of an individual’s battle against alcoholism, capturing both the mindset of addiction and the view of the weary partner.

The combination of a hypnotic click track and smooth layers of synths creates a backdrop that feels emotionally ambiguous, but the deep and weary vocals from RITUAL and the raspy, sensual deliveries of guest vocalist Mononoke encapsulate the song’s sorrow.

If there is one complaint, it must be that the song expands four minutes into ten. With little in the way of unexpected variations, it can feel like the track drags after a few minutes. While it certainly would be more engaging and immersive in a live performance, the recording can feel a bit too much.

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