Music’s missing link

New single from Kauf is the missing link between electronic and indie-alternative.


It has always been an uneasy step from indie-alternative music to electronic. While the two have certainly crossed paths, the outcomes have varied considerably and there has always been an uneven weighting and one will always dominate to make it work. And typically, the closer an outfit gets to finding the right balance, the more the track becomes a blissful (but boring) venture into chilled out rather than exciting.

That is, until now.

Enter Kauf, whose new single Key To Life is the missing link in the evolution of indie-alternative into electronic. The backbone of the song is indie guitar riffs and the vocal is textbook indie band, but that’s about as far as tradition goes. The sweeping rhythms are electronic with a world music twist and there’s a strong use of vocal as an instrumental line in itself, a la electropop. Yet there’s no uneven weighting here: everything feels in perfect balance without disrupting the song or making it anything less than an upbeat and easily enjoyable listen.

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