Aaron Taylor makes everything alright

New single is a brilliant slice of infectious, vintage-infused hip hop/R&B.


There was a golden period for feel-good hip hop and R&B in the late 80s and early 90s where a lot of songs were uplifting and celebratory. When the new millennium rolled around, that seemed to chance somewhat and everything became significantly more serious.

Fortunately, Aaron Taylor is bringing back the uplifting vibes and celebratory feel in his latest single Be Alright. It’s a straightforward R&B track with a steady rhythm section and stabs of funked up guitars, all of which captures a lighter air than a lot of R&B artists seem to go with. Add in an incredibly simple – yet very effective – chorus with repetitive lyrics and catchy melody, and you’re onto a winner.

There can be no sadness or ill will in a world soundtracked by this.

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