Audio engineers turned EDM stars

Former audio engineers Pitchslap get new start on debut single New Heart.


It’s not every day that you’re presented with musicians who really know what they’re doing. Sure, you might sometimes find bands formed of classically trained musicians, but it’s incredibly rare to find an EDM outfit consisting of members with an audio engineering background. Pitchslap, however, are that outfit.

The experience in the field shows. Debut single New Heart is produced to perfection, with every sound in the track adjusted and tuned in just the right way to make this a bombastic and complex offering. It’s a lot more chill-focussed than a lot of what we’re used to in the EDM scene lately, especially with a breathy vocal line from Melody Federer that toes the line between intimate and hypnotic. Pitchslap are certainly offering up something fresh, if this single is anything to judge them by.

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