40 Nights of spooky sounds

Oyster Kids return and are as creepy as ever.


Oyster Kids are an indie-alternative outfit that we’ve covered numerous times, each time stating that there is a pretty creepy and spooky element to their music. Well, the band have just dropped a new track, 40 Nights, that is just as creepy and oddly unnerving as anything they’ve offered us before.

Featuring some oddly game-like instrumental lines, the track is strikingly more engaging than some of the band’s previous efforts – wasting no time in pulling listeners into their world. Alongside these lines, the guitars and keys have a vaguely apocalyptic vibe to them, which feels fitting underneath the typically haunting vocal deliveries. After all this time, not only are Oyster Kids on peak musical form but they still channel the indie-rock spirit of Halloween.

Coincidentally, the track was released on September 20 – roughly 40 nights prior to Halloween. Hmmm…

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