A beautiful juxtaposition

A song with more than just a funky beat.


The new single from producer FRND is an emotionally weighty one. Behind the fun production lies a message that most of us will be able to relate to: unhealthy relationships. In a sense the uplifting sounds of Friend juxtapose with the meaningful lyrics whereby toxic friendships are the centre of discussion. From this viewpoint, the happiness evoked from the track can be seen to symbolise how the removal of the so-called ‘friend’ can improve your life for the better.

Thanks to the the catchy pop infused vocals, Friend manifests itself into a surprisingly pleasant earworm, something which can be accredited to FRND’s platinum-selling production ability. Additionally, the positivity radiated from this track extends further than its tone alone. Indeed, the use of electronic synth-loaded intervals transitions the track from having an emotional response by creating a dance-infused atmosphere.

If you resonate with the likes of Bipolar Sunshine or DJ Snake, or if you are simply looking for a new song to listen to, Friends will definitely fulfil any of your desires. FRND manages to send off the summer in style, ending the season on an all-time high.

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