Summer is all but over

New single from Isle&Fever extends summer for five minutes of Nu-Disco glory.


Donald Eley and Tiger Smith, better known as Isle&Fever, are an American Nu-Disco duo who’s summery, unapologetically retro sounding dance tracks effortlessly manage to capture and harness the sunny vibes of their native Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Carrying on from where the airy, day-at-the-beach-soundtrack Dime Piece left off, the duo have just dropped their follow-up single, Far Away – and it’s everything fans of their first outing hoped it would be.

Piling on the 70s boogie mainstays – whirring synth melodies, shimmering piano chords and nimble, Nile Rodgers-aping guitars – the whole song is a love letter to the club culture of times gone by; an effortless, loving pastiche of all things disco, but topped off with vocoder-enhanced vocals that give the track a modern, latter-day Daft Punk feel, planting itself firmly within the 21st century.

September may have crept up on us far too fast for comfort – rendering summer 2016 all but over – but with Far Away it’s clear Isle&Fever won’t be letting the party end without a fight anytime soon.

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