The meteoric rise of Broken Hands

Lead single from debut album is unrelentingly brilliant alt-rock.


A couple of years ago, while attending a Howler show, I came across a band brimming with alt-rock tenacity and reckless rock spirit. The band, Broken Hands, delivered an impressively chaotic set and left a lasting impression that now, years later and on the eve of their debut album Turbulence, I rush immediately to get an earful of lead single Meteor.

Let it be no understatement that this degree of hype is fully deserved and insufficient. Meteor is the kind of standard alternative track that literally any band could write but few could deliver it without it feeling generic or disappointing. Steady rock drums, overdriven guitars and simple vocal passages – it’s a formula that isn’t very difficult to follow, but Broken Hands still make it an impressive experience.

Whether you choose to interpret as an empassioned singalong or just a maelstrom of sound that requires you to flail along, there is no denying that Broken Hands have something special in their unique ability to make unassuming brilliance.

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