Proof that mermaids are real

Goldroom’s new music video proves that mermaids are living among us.


Forget everything that your parents, teachers and society in general ever told you as a child: mermaids are real. That is, they are real so long as electronic popstar Goldroom isn’t deceiving us in his new music video for Lying To You.

What begins as a harmless story of lovebirds going sailing (with, for some reason, the owner of the sailboat soundtracking the experience by singing a heartbroken electropop song which nobody seems to bat an eyelid at) culminates in the great reveal that, in fact, merpeople are real.

Of course, this reveal does leave us with more questions than answers: How long had this mermaid been keeping her fishy secret? How long had the couple been dating for her fear of water, which presumably included avoiding standard cleanliness like washing hands and showering, not to have been noticed? Why does a mermaid have poor form when diving into the ocean?

We may never know.

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