GIIA joins world music and pop

Pop artist GIIA plays with distinct genres on new single.


Anybody who has the power to seamlessly stitch together traditional, world music-inspired instrumentation with pop appeal and a hypnotically erratic drum beat is magical. By that logic, GIIA‘s latest single Fade To Grey makes her a musical sorceress.

Blending together any two genres, be it rock and electro or metal and rap, is never an easy task. It becomes increasingly challenging when one genre is defined by well-produced instruments and the other is usually associated with rawer, more natural sounds. From the tibetan-esque instrumentation that opens the song to the trip hop beats that underpin the soaring pop vocals of the explosive chorus, there is not a moment of this track that feels disjointed or in any way ‘weird’.

With this track GIIA has proven herself an artist capable of not just doing the impossible, but mastering it.

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