Experimentalism has a new trick

Annabel Allum’s new single twists traditional experimentalism.


It’s quite ironic that, despite the very word implying that it should push the boundaries of what we recognise and expect, experimental music often falls along the same lines. There’s an ethereal quality, use of vocal effects, abstract structures and a vocal that is either low (if the singer is female) or high (if male). Typically, these are the unspoken ‘rules’ of experimentalism… weirdly.

So that all that is artistic for Annabel Allum and her new single Tricks. On a purely vocal level, it sure fits the bill – her vocals are husky and sultry, embuing darkness and feeling a little bit like MKO Sun. However, everything else is the spirit of artistry and experimentalism on steroids. Instead of ambience, we have fuzzy guitars that tear through the mix; as opposed to a slowburning track that is weighed down with drawn out imagery, we are treated to some high octane experimental action.

In many ways, Annabel Allum is what the world has been waiting for. Tricks is just the first step towards opening eyes to a world of experimentalism beyond what we already know.

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