Retro vibes and strange tides

Indie outfit Shakes release new track Strange Tides.


When we first became aware of Shakes, it was through the bizarre video for their track Hole In Your Pocket. In the last eight months, however, the band has changed by the sound of things. With their latest track Strange Tides, Shakes appear to have left behind the Mansun-esque indie sounds and adopted something fresher, funkier and equally vibrant.

From the opening, oddly mellotron sounding, instrumentation, it’s impossible not to be hooked. As the funky rhythms mesh with the retro feel of the song, all conscious thoughts seemingly slip away to allow for the mesmerising music to engulf. There are a lot of technical things to enjoy about the song for sure, such as the quiet-loud dynamic that the band subtly slip in, but for the most part it goes largely unnoticed due to listeners already being heavily under.

Strange Tides is, essentially, a black magic smell that temporarily turns all who hear it into a mindless zombie revelling in the gratification of the sound.

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