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A take on house music that is all about that bass.


Despite the weather here in Britain currently being somewhat lacklustre, we are apparently in the midst of summer. However, the new EP by Lofelive ensures that you know this. Although the weather may not say it, New Girl In Town engulfs everything associated with summer. This might just be your new soundtrack for the season.

Originating from Spain, it is no surprise that Lofelive can produce songs that radiate summer vibes. As if by magic, they are able to encapsulate the warmth and life of their surroundings into their EP. Consequently, this use of association automatically makes it worth listening to.

Even without this association, the EP is intrinsically valuable and of immense talent. Indeed, through the use of complex bass drum patterns, Lofelive are able to create songs with not only memorable hooks, but depth too. Emotions is characterised by bass drops aplenty as well as synth loops, encompassing the Ibiza feel of the EP as a whole. By using Annie Balmori to deliver the vocals in such tracks, the heavy beats are almost lightened up, allowing listeners to connect more with the soul of the music itself.

Lofelive have clearly put a lot of care into assembling the EP, managing to give it a seamless finish. The transition from Emotions to Hard Way is almost faultless, not allowing any partying to go undisturbed. Again, the use of musical climax comes into play with a masterful approach allowing the track to be as endearing at the end as it is at the beginning.

However, the constant use of drops and drum beats could have some argue that the EP is generally repetitive. Despite being entirely different technically, the tracks all have a similar feel. Again, this is usually the aim of the musician – to deliver a well collated selection of songs – but it has a tendency to become ‘samey’. If you are someone who looks for a diverse collection of songs that manage to somehow intertwine, then Lofelive’s latest offering probably won’t offer the variety that you are hoping for.

As a whole though, the house influence from Lofelive serves as a juxtaposition against the typical English climate. Nevertheless, it is because of this difference that the piece is so effective. So, whereas the weather is more than not unreliable and desolate, New Girl In Town acts as an antidote to all of our misery, making it sure to become the sound of the fleeting British summer.

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