MAIZE is out to find love on new track

Dance made for a Friday night.


Why do you go out? Is it for the drink? The social circle? The feel? Is it because you want to wrack up some more frequent flyer miles on regret airways? Or is because, at your cold gooey centre, you’re a little bit alone and looking for love/lust/relief?

If you fall into the latter, then MAIZE‘s new track Out To Find Love will be your mantra and your mission statement next time. And if you happen to fall into one of the other categories, you’ll still be able to squeeze more than enough enjoyment out of this track.

It’s the dancefloor-filling club hit we’ve all come to know and like (though we claim to love it on the night itself), so much so that even it seems aware of its typicality. Cue the break in the middle of the track, which sucks more of the momentum out of the track than many other artists dare. The end result? A fleeting feeling of confusion which is subsequently replaced by euphoria as everything comes crashing back in.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, but that’s not always the point is it?

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