Haunted House

Ghost of a DJ looks way back – and not far forward – on new single.


Electronic music and (perceived) anonymity go together like folk and waistcoats, so it’s good that the phantom-like Ghost of a DJ addresses it right off the bat with his name. With his sequined mask taking the identity, there is the difficulty of the producer focusing on style over substance, and the early signs can be seen on latest single Caravan.

This slick little offering opens with what seems like an homage to the producer’s predecessors. The slowly rhythmic motion synth that throbs through the track instantly takes you back to the origins of popular electronic music – think Giorgio Moroder – while also keeping enough of a groove to keep it club friendly.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the only landmark for the track. The structure and overall beat is painfully predictable, and Lizzy Ashleigh’s admittedly soulful vocals seem to hit a lot of them same beats as Estelle’s ‘American Boy’, in an almost uncanny way. There’s enough difference and potential here to intrigue though, and a track without a vocalist could really help Ghost of a DJ widen his playing field.

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