Sounds of the summer

Electronic artist Tourist returns after two long years.


It’s been two years since we heard work from the talented Tourist but it was well worth the wait. His contemporary creations and experimental mindset have given us ambient and dynamic tunes on new album U.

This definitely is the sound of the summer. The simplicity of the vocal melodies and fun characteristics of the drum beats chopping and changing keeps hooked from the start of the album until the very end. The album’s positive energy is exemplified by Waves; it was the first single taken from the release and truly depicts the summer sun. With the repetitive robotic vocal lines and unusual synths added, you get a taste of what other songs on the album will sound like.

But it’s not all sunshine and fun. To Have You Back comes straight in with an intense intro with deep and dark undertones. As the song progresses you hear the traditional twist of the keyboard bring in the main body of the track built around pad swells being thrown in and out. In this song, the cutting of the vocals is truly modern and brings an edginess to the soundscape. Run soon rushes in and contrasts this darker with excellent elements of house music through the constant steady beat and trippy synthesised layers. This uplifting song showcases a pop style piano tune surrounded by flurries of heavy vocal reverb and funky electronically programmed refrains that complement the little tweaks added to the piano here and there.

This music is bold and electronically futuristic. If you’re looking for good music, with chilled vibes but a dirty beat then U is the the album for you.

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