A controlled explosion of angst

Let’s Away are back with a restrained new single.

Lo-fi alt-rock outfit Let’s Away‘s new single Control is one of those special tracks that, in spite of outlining an emotional surrender, manages to keep its cool and not slide into madness.

Don’t be thrown off by the crunching burst of instrumentation that wastes no time in steaming out the speakers from the moment the play button is pressed, the track is actually highly restrained. It’s a volatile track that feels like it could derail and descend into pure unadulterated anarchy at any stage. But it doesn’t. It keeps a cool sense of passive disillusionment, sparing the typical aural assault that many others would provide.

Let’s Away understand that the controlled tension of the song is a perfect enough channel for the angst and the passion to flow through. Any overt aggression would achieve very little in the wider context of the song. A light touch adds depth to an alt-rock track that, if it exploded, would be unremarkable. Let’s Away understand that and understand the value of their artistry. Control demonstrates that perfectly.

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