Database – Another Love

Get retro, get funky, get disco, get techno.


It’s hard to know what to pen Database‘s latest release, Another Love, as. It’s just one song, but it’s accompanied by three remixes that put such different feels on the song they’re almost different tracks entirely. So is it a single, or would it now qualify as an EP?

The original track, which features Savoir Adore, is like an odd blend of Metronomy and Daft Punk, with vocals that feel a little bit like Alex Trimble. It’s a great spin on the sudden electro-funk revival we’ve seen, by coating it in a completely retro vibe that feels simultaneously dated and fresh. It’s a strange contrast but it works phenomenally well. As a stand alone single, it’s brilliant.

Then come the remixes, which spawn a multitude of different takes on it. The Twelves offer two different spins on the track, one per person in the duo. The J. Mig remix enhances the retro vibe by giving it a disco makeover; the Luciano remix focusses instead on offering a chilled, horn-driven almost-house take on the single.

Then we get to L_Cio, whose take is a seven-minute-long winding version of the track reimagined in an old-school techno way.

The end result is clear: Another Love has a vintage feel, and the remixes serve to accentuate this in various ways. It’s unusual to see multiple remixes all take the same overarching theme from a track and develop it in such different ways. It culminates in, with the exception of the distinctive vocal hook, tracks that are almost unrecognisable to each other, wax melted in the heat of creativity. It’s a rare sight, and phenomenal listening.

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