Robyn Regan – This Love EP

The pop sounds of innocence and youth


I think that, deep down, there’s a small part of each of us that yearns for the innocence and naivity of a younger age. Perhaps the lovelorn early teen stages where love is a lifechanging and heartwrenching experience, as opposed to just a chemical imbalance or part of a routine.

Robyn Regan‘s EP, This Love, manages to capture this strange stage of life perfectly. A perfect imbalance of innocence and naivity runs through everything: the upbeat pop tones; the love-oriented, back-of-the-scrapbook lyrics; the tender voice itself. Regan epitomises the purity of youth and displays a typically one-track mind. Love, love, love.

Critique of innocence aside, this is a sweet release. Regan’s vocals are on point and musically it carries every light pop element to make for just under 20 minutes of all hits, no misses. Younger listeners will adore it and fans of Carley Rae Jepsen and Meghan Trainor will be won over, while older listeners will likely find it irritating. As is the subjectivity of pop music: great or grating depends on the demographic.

Put aside the pop purity and the one-dimensionalism, the occasionally novice lyrics about baking love into a pie and the emphasis on love exclusively, the EP has a lot going for it. It’s incredibly uncommon for an artist so young of age to hit upon a sound that has the potential to take her straight to mainstream radio success.

Regan might be restricted by her outlook, but the nature of existence means this will inevitably change. What matters most is that this is a beautiful insight into the potential of Regan. She could be the next big pop star.

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