Mainstream analysis: The Heirs – Alright Goodnight

The Heirs show that it’s alright to meddle with your music, even if its flawless.


Pop outfit The Heirs have dropped the video for their feelgood track of the year, Alright Goodnight. To celebrate the drop, we’re taking a look at what new artists can take from it.

It’s a deliciously upbeat outing that channels a strange mix of Foster The People (circa their second album) and Walk The Moon. Nothing unusual for pop, right? As true as that fundamentally may seem, The Heirs are smart enough to know that straightforward pop numbers are… well, kinda two-dimensional and boring.

Another spat out, shat out, thousand-dollar-a-dozen chart topper? Snore. But The Heirs decide to make the clean pop song stand out by adding some technical wizardry in the studio. It takes a lot of boldness and bravery to take a perfectly pop-ready and radio-friendly hook and apply an effect to it that makes it more of an acquired taste. But as the post-chorus hook proves here, it can work amazingly well.

Lesson learned: Sometimes, to make a track truly worth its value in airtime and artistry, you need to know when to be bold and experimental with it. Sure it might sound good already, but can it sound better?

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