Glints – Glints EP

Moody and brooding electronic hip-hop bars with a strong The Streets vibe.


As proven by our listening to Adult Bodies, electronic sounds can create soundscapes of unrivalled melancholy that just perfectly capture an atmosphere. Whereas that particular Adult Bodies track didn’t capitalise on the melancholy with lyrics however, Glints misses no opportunity on his self-titled debut EP.

It’s a cutting blend of electronic, hip-hop, R&B and rap, topped off with a dosage of pop magic to just push it that little bit further. As a result we’ve got dark lyrical deliveries with semi-apocalyptic synth ambience, but all the time featuring something that stands against this to prevent it feeling miserable.

In opener Sirens this is the guitar hook which has a feel likeĀ Butterfly by Crazy Town, while in Dread it comes from a mix of the bass-heavy rhythms and the reverberated chorus vocals. It’s things like this that show Glints’ ability to transfer the torment of life into something not altogether too depressing, instead creating something that is intrinsically sad but still easily enjoyable. Think The Streets and you’ll be on the right path.

The cutting lyricism can sometimes fall a little flat though, with Dread’s opening feeling a little bit teen freestyle rap. It’s a rare drop in quality though, whereas the rest of the EP perfectly delivers. Divalent Diction, which immediately follows Dread, shows the level of quality that Glints is capable of with its intense pop hook.

It’s a flawed debut but it’s one that positions Glints as one to watch in 2016. The Glints EP is the perfect launchpad for one talented artist.

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