Adult Bodies – ‘Drones’

Adult Bodies’ experimental soundscape captures the melancholy of mundanity like nothing else.


Here’s one for the post-work commute: a seven-minute-long electronic track from Adult Bodies.

‘Drones’ is a melancholy mix of atmosphere and electronic, which over the course of seven minutes does exactly as any seven-minute-long track should: it doesn’t become a droning bore. It has a lot of repetition, yes, but that’s to be expected for a track within the electronic genre. If it didn’t have much repetition, it’d either be a constructed medley or a symphony. And nobody wants either of those things in this day and age.

What ‘Drones’ offers is exploration of a soundscape that expands into the realms of hypnoticism. From dramatic opening to the dull fade, it’s a captivating and mesmerising experience throughout.

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