The Nervous Wreckords – The Nervous Wreckord EP (Part I)

Rock ‘N’ Roll ain’t dead, as proven by The Nervous Wreckord’s first EP


Don’t let anybody tell you that Rock ‘N’ Roll is dead. While it might not have got it’s due revival like punk did (in the form of Grunge in the early 90’s, punk-pop in the late 90s, and pop-punk ever since… wait, why do people say Punk is dead?!?), there’s definitely been a few acts break through that fit the genre perfectly: Cage The Elephant; The Black Keys; and, now, The Nervous Wreckords.

The contemporary sheik of bass-led opener Out Run The Animal doesn’t prepare you for what The Nervous Wreckord (Part I) is all about. Beyond the opening number, which has a very contemporary post-rock feel to it with its focus on the rhythm section and a string arrangement that strolls the line between triumphantly melodic and discordantly striking, it’s purely a throwback to the sixties sound.

But like CTE and Black Keys before, Brian Karscig (the multi-instrumentalist behind The Nervous Wreckords) finds a way to make it sound fresh and new. The EP definitely has that Rolling Stone quality about it, but with a modern slant that steers clear of sounding dated. At times it might feel like it’s straying dangerously close to it (Famous Movie Star, for example, is intensely Rock ‘N’ Roll/Rockabilly – probably largely due to the eight-bar blues guitar), but it always stays modern.

This is an amazing talent, particularly with tracks which focus on a lyrical content which is easily very typical of the Rock ‘N’ Roll lifestyle. Second track Crazy Drugs for example… well, surely the name says enough for you to guess that it fills the role. But soundwise it’s spot on too, while feeling new and shiny enough to persevere.

Ultimately that’s the magic of The Nervous Wreckord: it pays an accurate tribute to the trademark rebellious sixties sound, seamlessly integrated into the modern age. Time is no object to Karscig, yet it will tell how the following parts of the EP will measure up to this fantastic start.

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