Steven Spence – ‘Believe’

From Black Tide metal to his own electro-trap, there’s no stopping Steven Spence (or his talent).


The move from a popular metal band to the world of poppy electrap isn’t the most expected one, yet sometimes the most successful transitions are the ones that take us most by surprise. Skrillex might spring to mind, but in this instance we’re talking about Steven Spence.

His latest track ‘Believe’ is firmly footed in the camp of electropop-meets-trap despite his musical origins as the sticksman of Black Tide. But if you didn’t already know that it’s highly unlikely you would get any kind of indication from ‘Believe’. A blissful electropop opening descends into a clicky trap track with drawn out bass drops, which makes heavy use of vocal sample loops and solid synth blasts. It’s as far as you could get from the metal genre.

So Spence’s ability to craft such a thoroughly enjoyable track of this nature is admirable, especially since it sounds so organic and without force. With output of this quality, it’s shocking to think that Spence spent any time not heavily involved in the pop world.

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