Traces – ‘Stutter’

Ambience meets electropop chillwave

traces - stutter artworkSometimes all you want is something mellow yet upbeat, and relaxing yet exciting. What I’m saying is, sometimes you can’t make your mind up and figure out what you want. For times like this, the brilliant ‘Stutter’ by Traces is exactly what you’re looking for.

A nice mix of electropop and ambience, ‘Stutter’ is characterised by a fizzling synth dissolve that gives a relaxing chill factor to the sound which feels almost at odds with the constant percussive push forward. The outcome of the two sounds spreading across each other is a bit like putting sand on a speaker – it’s hypnotic and oddly satisfying.

There’s a real Years & Years feel to the track, but with some nice vocal sample use towards the end fade that make it distinct enough to bear remembering the name Traces.

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