Arizona – ‘Where I Wanna Be’

Club-ready electropop with added house

Arizona - Where I Wanna Be single coverIf the mass success of Years & Years has struck a chord with you, you’re about to find another note in the alt-electro pop melody. Arizona’s ‘Where I Wanna Be’ is so deeply Years & Years sounding that at times it’s almost easy to forget that it’s not their song.

This isn’t to discredit Arizona at all. Years & Years’ sound is one worth expanding, and Arizona do so beautifully. It’s club-ready with just the right kind of chill vibes to make it more than just a mindless, thoughtless track. There’s soul in this. There’s the essence of something more that lies between the bass-heavy rhythm sections and the lush shimmering synths.

Which, really, is what makes the line clear between Arizona and Y&Y. The whole vibe of this song, in no small part because of the synths themselves, give more a house feel to the track than Y&Y ever really touch upon. Where Y&Y may go the pop route, Arizona rein in the song to a more insular house style that works amazingly. And that distinction between the two is what makes Arizona a good band.

If ‘Where I Wanna Be’ hasn’t been remixed yet, it should be. Extensively. As flawless as the song may be at fitting into a club scene, there are so many musical avenues left unexplored and potential left untapped in this song. With it’s intricate web of musical influences, it’s incredible versatile and it’s a musical crime for this song to not get the remix treatment it deserves.

Arizona are more than just a Y&Y tribute act. ‘Where I Wanna Be’ may show them being as close as they can be while retaining their own musical identity, but that’s the important part: there is a difference. A familiarity that plays in their favour, and a distinction that will work for them.

It’s a solid track, from a band that know they’ve got a huge reserve of talent. But as much as I love the track, I’d love slightly more to be able to make more of a distinction between them and Y&Y. It’ll no doubt be hugely successful and popular, but for me personally the lines blur and cross a bit too much.

Sit back, listen, and wait for ‘Where I Wanna Be’ to blow up.

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