Jack Garratt – ‘Breathe Life’

A siren song of futuristic alt-pop

Jack Garratt's Breathe Life is a futuristic alt-pop siren song
As far as futuristic alt-pop goes, Jack Garratt is pioneering a path that many more are sure to tread in the future. His latest single ‘Breathe Life’ is the perfect blend of pop, alternative, R&B and something that feels almost a bit house.

As weird as it sounds, the mix works. If Garratt is capable of anything, it’s making the unlikely sound unbelievably good. ‘Breathe Life’ is one fluid genre-smashing journey that doesn’t feel jittery or awkward as it transitions between what you’re led to expect and what you never could. A sense of musical experimentation pays off wonderfully for both artist and listener here.

Which is good, really, because the risk Garratt must take when composing a track is second to none. When you get truly experimental with musical forms and styles, it can either be an absolute disaster or beautifully good. There’s very little room for error and even less of a grey area between the two of acceptability. Luckily, Garratt’s risks pay off wonderfully.

It tempts and lures you into a false sense of expectancy and security, like a siren, and then adds something new and unexpected to the progression. It’s a series of pleasant surprises that leaves you with a bewildered and confusing excitement for the next release from Jack Garratt.

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